Our Process

Here When You Need Us
We are flexible. You hire us on a contingency or retainer basis, so we can tailor our services to your company. We value your time. If we cannot help you, we will let you know.
The Art and Science of Successful Search

Learn how Signature Executive Search’s data-driven process and personal analysis of your company’s needs efficiently generate the most qualified candidates for your review.

  1. You call one of our recruiters to begin the conversation about your hiring needs.
  2. With your expectations in mind, we leverage our extensive experience and wide contact base to locate industry leaders.
  3. Conducting insightful interviewing and candidate profiling, we identify the most qualified candidates.
  4. We carefully check the references and credentials and draw on our years of human resource experience to create a complete profile for each candidate.
  5. We present the best candidates for your consideration, thereby saving you time and money.
How does Signature Executive Search find the industry leader you need?
We target passive candidates who are successful and happy but looking for better opportunities or more suitable work environments. We do not rely on internet job board postings; rather, we seek out currently employed individuals with successful track records.